Who is Lux?

Lux Gaming came from humble beginnings years ago and was established in 2017, by Tucker Brown, Sam Crosby, and Josh Smith. This trio of friends grew up together playing video games competitively and had the business savvy to pursue this cutthroat field. While each has entered on their own path outside of Lux, their drive and passion remain the same. Lux entered the eSports scene by hand selecting dark horse teams to send to events, largely funded from members of management’s own bank accounts. “Every event is a gamble and in most cases we don’t even breakeven”, says partial owner Cooper Burwell. But Lux loves being the underdog and wants to do right by our fans and players. Placement at events varied early on, but the focus centered on player development and exposure.

By bringing in new talent to our management team we have been able to grow significantly over the past year, while still focusing on our main goal of building winning teams. Adding our talented CMO and owner Brad Foster, Lux has been able to secure some sponsors to largely fund our teams. We have also added professional Gears of War coach Chuck “Phazed” to lead our GOW team to much success and support our management team. Lux has also recently added Cooper Burwell as an owner and website manager. While some members have done more than others, Lux has tapped into great potential.

Fortunately, after some tough placings our Halo manager Sam with assistance from our CEO Tucker, was able to discover raw talent in Gilkey, our current team captain. During his tenure as a Halo pro, Gilkey had high placings, but not the championship he desired. Seeing his drive, Lux took the opportunity to build around someone who we knew had the potential. Although Lux was not winning in H5, we gained credibility as an organization with high placings and even took games of the winningest H5 roster of Splyce. Going into H3, Lux made the decision to secure our captain, Gilkey.