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August 11, 2020 (Columbia, SC) Yesterday Lux Gaming announced their first entry into the Blooming young esport by Riot games “Valorant“. This move combines both familiar and new faces to the organization. “The team will consist of young talent who we believe have a good opportunity to compete at the highest level.” Says LuxGaming COO Samuel Crosby.

Meet the team:

Mike “Locksteel” Lock:

Q: What Piqued your interest in Valiant as an esport?

A: “I think the abilities and how many pros were coming over from cs to Valorant. It showed a lot of promise for the future of the game and it felt like something I can grind for hours.“

Locksteel has been on the Lux Zenni Stream and started his competitive career in Call if Duty, but gained experience with Mouse & Keyboard during his time competing in Fortnite.

Hunter “Tricky” Taylor

Tricky is coming from a background In CSGO as well as Call of Duty. He is looking forwa to playing with past teammates coming into Valorant and looks to continue the chemistry they have seen in past games.

Zachary "McCoy" McCoy

McCoy is a young up & comer who previously competed in CSGO and Overwatch. He is looking forward to carving a name for himself in the new Valorant esport and showing he has the skill and experience to carry him to the top.

Joseph “Obito” Lang

Obito spent the majority of his gaming carer in Call of Duty competing back in WWII until the most recent title, in which time he decided to make the change to Valorant. He also played CS:GO in his downtime which gave him the confidence to make the switch due to the similar mechanics of the two games.

Trey "Auto Clicker" Sorell

Auto Clicker comes from an SnD background in Call of Duty in which he competed prior to his switch to Valorant. He looks to take his experience at LAN events and majors and apply it to Valorant.

This team brings a lot of new faces to LuxGaming and we believe their unique and diverse background will play a large role in their upcoming campaign in Valorant esports. You can catch the team in action in the AGN Valorant League Qualifier on 8-15-2020!

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