Thank You LuxGears

Early March 2019, Lux management debated if expanding into Gears of War would be the right move for our organization, debating on which teams would be the right fit. Fortunately, future GoW coach ‘Phazed’ or Chuck messaged us about a group of guys who had dedicated themselves to the game. At first the decision was difficult, until we met with the team. From our first meeting we knew this would be a perfect fit for our culture. The dedication, professionalism, and passion from them were unmatched. MLG Boston was our debut in the scene and it was unbelievable, the community, players, and fans proved that gears were the right choice. Placing T12 doesn’t truly reflect the weekend we provided. Upset after upset we beat Mazer in pools and finished 2nd for the pool.

After Boston we maintained confidence that the team would qualify for the Pro League, the team stayed in contention until the last minute. An unfortunate loss to Hive knocked us out of contention and we finished one spot out of qualifying. The team decided to disband after the heartbreaking loss. Lux would like to thank every player who took part in the first era of LuxGears.