LuxGaming Places 4th at UGC STL

LuxGaming announced that Christopher ‘Gilkey’ Gilkey would return as the face of their Halo 3 campaig on November 28th 2018, after his run at DreamHack Atlanta. Shortly after on December 26th 2018 Lux announced their star studded roster With the likes of Halo legend Cloud & Halo 3 National Champion Demon D along with the Halo 5 standout multi-champion and fan favorite bubudubu. Although, the roster was loaded with talent they largely flew under the radar before and during the event.

Day One

Through a long first day 7th seeded Lux played just one game late in the day vs “Violence”, and let it be known they meant buisness sweaping their first opponent of the tournamen.

Day Two

Day Two proved to be one of the longest days the team would face. Starting the Day off with a sweep over “Perception” to get the momentum rolling. As the day went on and the seeds got higher Lux dropped their first map of the day vs “Temptation” but move on with a 3-1 Victor. The next matchup was vs a halo legend studded team in Status Quo, In a very close 1-3 the boys fall and were forced to take on the losers bracket. The last game of the day was against a Talented “Give me my Money” squad which proved to be a challenge with Lux squeeking by with a 3-2 game 5. But we had made it Champ Sunday!

Day 3 Championship Sunday

Day three was here and the boys were amped their first H3 Champ Sunday as a team. The first game of the day was vs “Wrath” with a Hot ryannoob comming off the H3 FFA championship; However, the boys weren’t here to loose they showed that they shouldn’t have been overlooked at took the series 3-1 to qualify for the Austin invitational at SXSW. The next game of the days was vs Fan Favorite and ATL H3 2v2 champs “GMS” (Golden Modem Squad). Lux again proved they meant buisness and moved passed to secure a Top 4 placing 3-1. The last series of the day was against a Halo dynasty Team Reciprocity (Instinct). The first game went in Lux‘s Favor In a nail biter series. The next slayer was one of the most entertaining games of Halo played that weekend in a very close slayer going into Rec’s favor, the next two maps the teams fought it out with Rec advancing 1-3. Our run was over but we learned alot and proved many wrong this team is built to contend. We end STL with a Top 4 placing.

Looking ahead

The Top 6 teams from STL advance to a HCS invitational in Austin, TX on March 15-17 the guys will compete for their share of $100,000 and look to continue The successful run at STL. Lux players and staff will be attending. Wrist bands are on sale to spectators for $39 on the SXSW (South by Southwes) website.


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