Coming off S31 of ESEA Main, Lux CS:GO looked stronger than it ever has, achieving a T4 placement. Thanks to this performance we qualified for ESEA ADV for the first time since the inaugural season, almost a year ago.

With the new season rapidly approaching Knightmare and Ohkee were quick to take the reigns in the process of building a new and improved roster that could ensure continued success for LUX CSGO in the upcoming season. The new #LuxCSGO roster will consist of:

Rin: A very talented player from the ex-V8 eSports roster, he proved his worth placing second in S32 of main.

Clone: A great player coming off a 10-6 season with iNTACT where he reached the post season. He looks to bring solid Experience and will strengthen our campaign in ESEA ADV.

Jitter: A player who has proven he has what it takes to get to the postseason in ESEA ADV Making it in S29 and S32. He will be leaving a very talented FFG roster to continue his success with the LuxGaming Roster and will look to push us to the postseason yet again.

Allowing Knightmare and Ohkee to take the reigns and rework the team to be as competitive as possible in the upcoming S32 of ESEA ADV, has produced what could be the most talented line-up Lux CSGO has ever seen. Every member of this reworked line-up has proven they have what it takes to be successful and will look to grow their success under the Lux roster. We would like to thank Mark, Rusteez, and Phean for bringing Lux CS to new highs and wish them the best in their new endeavor!

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