Coming off S31 of ESEA Main, Lux CS:GO looked stronger than it ever has, achieving a T4 placement. Thanks to this performance we qualified for ESEA ADV for the first time since the inaugural season, almost a year ago.

With the new season rapidly approaching Knightmare and Ohkee were quick to take the reigns in the process of building a new and improved roster that could ensure continued success for LUX CSGO in the upcoming season. The new #LuxCSGO roster will consist of:

Rin: A very talented player from the ex-V8 eSports roster, he proved his worth placing second in S32 of main.

Clone: A great player coming off a 10-6 season with iNTACT where he reached the post season. He looks to bring solid Experience and will strengthen our campaign in ESEA ADV.