G4G 2019 Silver Medal

LuxGaming went into G4G 2019 with high expectations and a love for the G4G event and what it stands for.

The first day of G4G the guys put on a show for the Gamers Outreach G4G program playing the highest level of Halo. They cruised through to T8 not dropping a map, they then beat a talented GMS team with two long time H3 Player along side the original core. while the guys miss-stepped in the series 2-3 they had made it to champ Sunday.

The final day of G4G 2019 the guys played Nfite a team scattered with halo talent and started the day off right sweeping them 3-0. They would then go on to face a new hot Elevate team which gave them just about all they could handle but Lux held on moving past Elevate 3-2 in a great series.

It was now on to the looser bracket finals Vs the GMS team who had sent them to the loosers bracket just one day before, in just as thrilling a series Lux passes GMS 3-2


Lux would go on to their first finals against an amazing pick-up team of the best in halo (SnipeDown, APG, Lethal, and ACE) while the guys played well they just didn't have what it took to take down TW loosing 4-0 finishing with a silver medal in 2nd place.

This event, while not the highest talent or teams brought together some of the best in the business for a great cause to reach a goal for the Gamers Outreach Charity, a goal that was not only met but surpassed! Truly and achievement much Greater than the placing!

G4G 2019

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